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A Youth's Perspective on Change

Joy of Life Ministries shifted from their old ways welcoming the decade with a dynamic change that our Bishop Eric Butler has put in motion. Our name isn’t even Joy of Life Ministries anymore, which goes to show that development can be an amazing thing. Joy of Life Faith Ministries handled the new structure with, excuse the pun, a lot of joy in their hearts and faith in their souls.

I’ve experienced the transformation first hand, Bishop used the change as a way to let the saints be more involved. I’m participating in being a hostess, a flag waver, and just recently joined the media team which lets me have hands on experience in the job field I want to pursue in the future. Faith has entered the name of our church and the souls as well.

I’m going to be honest, church as a kid seemed like a chore and I resented my parents for dragging me along, but now I am jumping at the chance to come to church not to just be involved but developed a relationship with God. I know that it was the Holy Spirit talking with Bishop allowing him to see what is best for the church, and God never fails! It has been an enlightening experience to see everything fall in place and I can’t wait to see what God brings to us next!

~Author: T. B.

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