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Building Your Faith With the Lord...

One word, acceptance, at JOL Faith Ministries we don’t judge, in fact, we aid and guide you in your walk with the Lord. For example, we recently had our revival that welcomed the new year with praise! Supervisor Lee E. Van Zandt, Dr. Fay Ellis Butler, and Dr. Gwen Washington, all dynamic and powerful women of God, facilitated the saving of many souls during the time they were here. All of the souls that were saved now get to enter the decade with a renewed faith in God.

Our Pastor and Co-pastor are people who love God with all their hearts and can show you how to love him too. Faith building is scary, but doing it with others makes it worth your while. The family we have is strong and we understand what you are going through, we support and care for you welcoming you with open arms. Building your faith earns you a deeper relationship with God, but it also gives you a new family that you can lean on.


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