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Jonathan Campbell

Apple Could Break ITunes Into Pieces

Sometimes you might want to break single tracks in your iTunes library into smaller tracks. For example, you might have imported a CD with a hidden bonus track at the end, where a long period of silence connects the bonus track to the last song on the CD. The last song, the silence and the bonus track show up in your library as a single track ... but you might prefer to have the songs as individual tracks and lose the silence altogether.

Apple Could Break iTunes into Pieces

I've no firm evidence for this but sensitivity to trailing spaces, some non-printing characters, etc. could explain why metadata that appears to be consistent does not correctly determine grouping into albums.

Now that your track is split into two pieces, you can move them around (which will come in handy when you want to add another track/play 2 songs over-top of each other) OR, as we are going to do, cut/remove portion of a song. 1) Select the piece of the track your going to cut (in this case, we have 2 pieces- it's sensible that you choose the rightpiece as there's room to move it further right). 2) With the correct piece selected, go to Edit (at the top of the screen) --> Cut.Note: You can also move portions of a track by selecting and dragging it into either an empty track or simply moving it right to create space. Now that there's one portion of a song in the project, let's add a portion of a different song into the project.

In the meantime, the DoJ's request would be onerous in the extreme to Apple, and rather dangerous. The government is understating the requirements of Apple complying with breaking into iOS and is using legal threats to push Cook & Co into compliance.

When the FBI director was questioned on this topic at congressional hearings, he said that he didn't know if all avenues for getting into the phone have been excluded. Director Comey also admitted that the FBI could have opened the iPhone easily but locked it mistakenly by changing the password remotely.


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