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Jonathan Campbell
Jonathan Campbell

Marshal In Italian Free Download

The Marshal app has been developed to be simple to use. It is free to download and can be found by scanning the NFC in the drive or the QR code. It works immediately without complicated registration forms and validation. By registering as a user, a free 5 year warranty is automatically activated for each drive. As well as the guided setup and commissioning for the drive and motor, full detailed help and explanations are provided in each parameter. Marshal acts like an expert on the field and we added features that help the user in real life installations. This is a ground-breaking in the industry.For example, when confirming the motor orientation during a commissioning test, a simple tap on the screen will reverse the spin direction without the need to rewire the motor.

Marshal in italian free download


For a limited time, you can download this plug-in for free. And the company is even generously including 5 impulse responses and 5 custom IR mixes to get you started.


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