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!!TOP!! Almediadev StyleControl V4.41 Full Sources Demos Help REPACK

  • [ ] [ 16,113 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ With Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 ]This component provide a easy way to use TBtr component. It includes several methods and functions which allows you to work with Btrieve files as you work with BDE tables. It is not a interface to TDataSet but anyway works like that. It used a data dictionary which is a basic Paradox table with a predefined data structure. In this dictionary you might define the data file structure for how many files you want: Filename, Fieldname, DataType, Size, FieldOffset, etc. It requires the TBtr component which you can get it from the author: PA van Lonkhuyzen, Added: 16-11-2000 Version: 1.0 Downloads: 1936/1936/0Author:Eugen Mihailescu Cubique Development [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 1,031,700 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 ]TBTRVTable data access components library offers some nonvisual components for Borland Delphi. They serve for access to Btrieve / P.SQL RDBMS. TBTRVTable is an alternative to other access components like Pervasive's PDAC, Reggatta's Titan and some others. Using TBTRVTable component gives you the following advantages: No distributing, installing and configuring the BDE or ODBC;

  • You can use any Delphi Professional Edition to develop client/server application;

  • Uses many Btrieve interface's specific features;

  • Speeds up retrieving records from a table;

  • Provides automatic locking and refreshing records;

  • Interface (methods, properties) of TBTRVTable components is similar to standard BDE data access components (TDatabase, TTable, ..);

  • Supports all data-aware components;

  • Performs at least twice as fast as any of our competition

  • Remains stable even with very large BLOB data manipulations

  • Supports P.SQL 2000i DDF files (including true null)

Added: 17-07-2001/18-07-2001 Version: 0.95 Downloads: 860/860/0Author:Edo Cof Edo Cof OPAL d.o.o. [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 100,019 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D5 ]CachedQuery - is query without BDE's errors in cached updates and with possibility of saving several querys in one transaction. If you use a Borland's TQuery then when you'll try to apply updates to SQL server and it (SQL server) generate an error (error of primary key, error of foreign key, insufficient SQL rights, ...) you'll lose a data. CachedQuery correct this problem and all rows will be applied or all rows will not be applied.Added: 21-05-2000 Version: 2.0 Downloads: 1184/1184/0Author:Sergey Zimin Sergey Zimin [Homepage] [DSP files] Compatible files: [ D4 ] [ cdbu.exe ] [ 655,137 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 C3 C4 C5 ]CoolDBUtilities allows easily maintain major updates of your Database applications. You do not have to send updated databases (megabytes) over Internet to your customers anymore. Instead you can save structure of your new database, send file with this information (5kb for DBDEMOS database) to your customers ant then update their data files so that their structure will match your new criteria. No data will be lost. You can verify and rebuild the databases. Much more can be done with this package.Added: 15-07-1999/8-10-2000 Version: 1.03 Downloads: 1723/1516/0Author:Artem A. Berman Artem A. Berman (CoolDev.Com) [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 265,484 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D5 ]Set of VCL components that allow users to change the "WHERE" and "ORDER BY" clause of a SQL statament in a Query component. BDE and Interbase Objects are supported right now ! Features : - Multi-Language - Design Time field definition - Visual filter definition - Support filtering on fields not retrieved by the SQL - Allows to change the ORDER (by) of the result set New feature of version 2.0 : Now you can choose what component will be used for data entering (Edit, ComboBox, DateTimePicker). New demonstration app for IBO users. A must see ! Check out the DEMO !Source available for registered usersAdded: 26-11-2000 Version: 2.0 Downloads: 901/901/0Author:Carlos H. Cantu WarmBoot Systems [Homepage] [DSP files] Compatible files: [ D4 ] [ color50.exe ] [ 1,430,238 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D5 C5 ]colorADO Professional. Client/Server solution based on ADO & ADOX technologies. New version! introduces components that encapsulates ADOX technology. Now you can create applications that enable data definition and security management, without writing a single line of source code. Complete BDE replacement. Full access to the possibilities of Microsoft ADO/ADOX 2.5. True TDataSet descendants, compatibile with data-aware components and QuickReport. The components support: all cursor models, data locating and filtering, parameterized queries, stored procedures, schema viewing, blob fields, master/detail links, stored recordsets, asynchronous executing and fetching, and lots more.Added: 28-02-2001 Version: 1.5 Downloads: 641/641/0Author:Maciej Kujalowicz CSI, S.C. [Homepage] [DSP files] Compatible files: [ D4 ] [ ] [ 41,019 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D5 ]TConversion is a VERY powerfull industrial strength unit conversion class. It is implemented in various components contained in this package. The most usefull components are TConvFloatField and the TConvEdit. TConvFloatField, implements unit conversion at the field level, so it can be used with most DB aware components. It can be used to implement the new Euro in existing programs just by changing the existing field to a TConvFloatField. Your users can pick the unit or currency of there choice from a Popup or normal menu without writing any code.Fully functional - No nag screens, does not require IDE running. Price 35.- US Dollar ($55.- With Source)Added: 5-12-2000 Version: 1 Downloads: 923/923/0Author:Ron van Petegem [DSP files] [ ] [ 6,484 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D5 ]TServerCountQuery It's a discendent of standard TQuery. It allows to fix the (very) slow method to count result records used in the standard query component: fetch each record from the server and store it on the client, increasing a counter... If you use local DBMS as Paradox or dBase you don't are afflicted by poor performances, but if you use DBMS server as MS SQL Server or Oracle, each time your code call the RecordCount method you assist to HD light flashing, network traffic increasing and a very long response time. More results are in the query recordset, more problems you have... More time you use the RecordCount method on the same query, more time you have the problem... TServerCountQuery solve the problem, asking directly to the DBMS the number of records retrieved: fast, easy and clear. You can use this component as a standard TQuery component, all the work is done in background and if some error occours, will be fired an OnCountError event and the standard RecordCount method will be called. You can access too to the LastCountSQL string propery to see the SQL statemant used to retrieve the record count in the current query.Added: 17-09-2000 Version: 1.0 Downloads: 1061/1061/0Author:Francesco Pucino [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 1,664,369 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 C3 C4 ]Delphi and C++ Builder components for accessing MS Access 2000 databases using DAO 3.6. Fast native access without BDE. [more]Added: 15-07-1999/26-03-2000 Version: 3.51 Downloads: 2078/1988/0Author:Erik Salaj [Homepage] [DSP files] Datoids Personal Edition[ DatoidsPE.msi ] [ 5,028,864 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D5 D6 ]Datoids is a totally new approach of developing (database) applications. Not only will Datoids enable you to create your applications more easily, but it will also reduce the number of errors in your application, improve the way you you offer functionality to your end users and in some cases cause a noticeable increase in overall application performance. new in this version: - TADODatoid and TBDEDatoid introduced to split up BDE and ADO support; - Transaction management revised; TDatoidTransaction introduced; - Wizard adjusted to be able to choose between ADO or BDE ancestor; - Explorer improved with Inheritance Diagram. Added: 18-11-2001/9-12-2001 Version: n/a Downloads: 125/125/ BV [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 1,603,641 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ With Source ] [ D4 D5 D6 ]DbAltGrid is equipped with most features that are standard among data grid controls. Inplace editors for common field types, footer, header arrows, header icons, cell icons, cell hints, grid auto-width, column auto-width, mouse wheel, Shift-click, alternate row coloring, key mapping, properties storage, and so on. The rather distinguished features are: - MULTIPLE CELL LINES PER RECORD AND MULTIPLE TEXT LINES PER CELL. DbAltGrid allows the user to customize the grid layout freely. The user can adjust the height of each line in rows separately. - HIERARCHICAL COLUMNS. Now you can sort your columns into logical categories, consolidate them and assign to shared parent columns. Parent columns are expandable and collapsible, so this way you can imitate a tree-like column structure. You can MERGE several columns and display them in a RTF summary column. - Two-way data transfer through the CLIPBOARD and DRAG-AND-DROP using most popular formats, including ones native to MS Office. - Inplace editing of MEMO fields, including RTF fields. - HYPERLINKS in cells. - SHORT LEARNING CURVE. DbAltGrid is fully compatible with common DBGrid that comes with the VCL. The TDbAltGrid class is a TCustomDBGrid descendant, as TDBGrid is. By migration to DbAltGrid, you will not get any code conflict. There is a component that helps with TDBGrid to TDbAltGrid migration. [more]Added: 19-12-1999/24-06-2002 Version: 1.5 Downloads: 2620/2462/3Author:Quasidata [Homepage] [DSP files] Compatible files: [ C4 C5 C6 ] [ ] [ 145,886 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 ]The DBSearch component provides a visual, simple to use but versatile search capability for your database applications. It can give your users the power of SQL without a learning curve. A user can search for values or patterns in one or more fields of a dataset using a built in Locate Dialog. In a value search, the search expression can be a simple value or an expression that evaluates to a simple value. The user can use the following tokens to construct an expression : +, -, *, /, =, >, >=, Optimization for read-only databases, such as databases on CD SQL Support SELECT with DISTINCT, INNER LEFT, RIGTH, FULL and OUTER JOIN, GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE statements CREATE INDEX, DROP INDEX statements INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements BETWEEN, IN, LIKE, IS NULL operators Aggregate functions COUNT,SUM,MIN,MAX,AVG Most of all SQL'92 arithmetic, logical, date-time and string functions and operators Data types conversion by function CAST SQL scripts (multiple commands separated by ';') Parameters in queries Compactness Small size of code added into the application by the database engine units Small database file size achieved by customizable page size, compression of table metadata and other special means Fast BLOB data compression Short indexes for string fields Low memory consumption Compatibility Support of most of TTable field data types, including BLOB fields Full compatibility with standard DB-aware visual controls such as QuickReport, DBGrid, DBNavigator, DBImage, DBMemo, DBRichEdit and others Calculated and lookup fields Most of TTable functions including Key and Range methods Functionality Unicode support in String and Memo fields Multiple-fields indexes with descending, ascending, case-sensitive and insensitive options Shareable tables Default values support. Min, max and not null constraints on field values Security Strong encryption of database file Variety of supported encryption algorithms: Rijndael, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) winner 128 bit key, Rijndael 256 bit key, Blowfish 448 bit key, Twofish 128 bit key, Twofish 256 bit key, Square, Single DES and Triple DES Reliability Repair database in case of hardware failure or operating system error caused by another application Auto-detect of database corruption and automatic repair of database file Convenience Table restructuring being performed in the easiest way keeping all the existing data Data importing from and exporting to any dataset Internationalization / localization support by use of current system locale Displaying progress during potentially slow operations with the tables and databases Utilities DBTransfer utility to transfer your existing tables from database systems with BDE driver, such as Paradox, Interbase, Access, Oracle, SQL Server to Absolute Database format and vice versa. Absolute Database Manager to manage a database easily and to perform all supported operations with tables and database file Absolute Database Manager also provides you an easy way of executing SQL queries All utilities come with full source code and can be used as an advanced examples Ease of Development Full compatibility with TTable, TQuery and TDatabase components Extensive documentation: Developer's Guide and Reference covering every development issue. Large number of demos illustrating wide range of use cases Prompt and responsive technical support Cost-Effectiveness 100% royalty-free, i.e. there is no additional licensing fees no matter how many times you deploy the application Flexible licensing: source code and no source code versions, multi-developers licenses

!!TOP!! Almediadev StyleControl V4.41 Full Sources Demos Help


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