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Where To Buy Mongoose Bikes BEST

Born out of a garage in SoCal back in 1974, Mongoose is synonymous with BMX. Mongoose designs BMX Freestyle and BMX Race bikes for riders of all ages and ability levels, and our bikes are trusted by some of the world's best riders.

where to buy mongoose bikes

Steve Hess built the first Mongoose bikes in his garage, but the brand soon became legendary. Employees in Chatsworth, California, hand-welded most of the vintage Mongoose bikes. The company's BMX bikes and scooters soon developed a legendary reputation with many of these gently preowned models available on eBay.

If you find a Mongoose Decade for sale, a Mongoose FS1 for sale, or another vintage Mongoose BMX for sale, then you can tell when employees made the bike from the serial number. Old Mongoose bikes built in 1975 and early 1976 have a five-digit-stamped number. Those numbers started at 1,000, and the higher the number, the later the bike was made. Beginning in 1976, the serial number has a C above it. The C tells you that the bike's original frame was built in Cromo, California. The letter following the C is the month that the bike frame was made. For example, A was January, B was February, C was March, etc. Below these letters, you will see the serial number. The last number is the year that employees created the frame.

The first Mongoose BMX bike had several unique features. The first brake tabs were two pieces of metal welded together, and they were rectangular. Later, the brake tab became a little bigger, was a single piece of metal, and was oval. The caliber brake on the first Mongoose BMX bikes was also two sheets of metal, and it was thicker than on later models. The seat tube was longer on the first Mongoose BMX bikes, and the frame flared where the seat post joined it. There is also an extra gusset above the bottom bracket. 041b061a72


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