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True Justice (2010) Serbian Subtitles

The Whistleblower focuses on sexual slavery, human trafficking, and corruption.[24] Kondracki wanted her first project to concern sex trafficking but was unsure how to create a moving, original plot. Her mother was born in Ukraine, and she was aware of what she described as the country's "epidemic" of trafficking.[8] Victor Malarek's book The Natashas inspired her to produce a film on the subject.[8] She said of her initiative being a challenge, "No one wants to watch a film of an enslaved girl being raped for two hours."[10] Bolkovac's experiences gave Kondracki a framework for the film and added the themes of corruption and wide-scale cover-ups.[8] Film critic Rex Reed said that the abuse of power featured prominently in The Whistleblower; a number of government officials participate in the sex trade or turn a blind eye to it[24] (including peacekeepers, UN members and mercenaries).[8] Wallace Baine of the Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote that these aspects' portrayal made the movie "slippery and true-to-life". She said, "There are clear and vivid monsters in this film, but there are also those existing in the shades-of-gray middle, nice-enough guys tolerating crimes of unspeakable barbarity."[19] Justice, another prominent theme, does not materialize by the end.[9] The sex trafficking victim Raya is killed, and none of the peacekeepers who participated in the trafficking are prosecuted (although several are sent home). According to Baine, viewers are left with the impression that "the worst violence in Bolkovac's story was the violence done to justice".[19]

True Justice (2010) Serbian subtitles

Kondracki shows great promise with her direction. Pacing is tight for the most part, and the film feels well polished...The film is unsatisfying only in its conclusion. This is not the fault of the filmmakers who choose to stay true to Bolkovac's story. No one was ever brought to justice. A few of men were fired and sent home, but everyone had diplomatic immunity so no one ever faced criminal charges. Two million people worldwide are still being trafficked.[34] 041b061a72


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