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[S1E4] Work, Don't Worry

And don't worry about it. I scored six goals and we be in Rome in Italy. Well, we, we ha we have, uh, when games start going the wrong way, we have a saying like, w you know, when the USA plays hungry and hungry, you have to beat everyone, not just the teams, right. Or, uh, or Italy in Italy, in Rome, I guess you have the same thing happen.

[S1E4] Work, Don't Worry

If you can't watch Station 19 season 1 episode 4 on live TV, don't worry. You can watch it online, too! Here's how! Station 19 is available for streaming on ABC's website. Just log in and press play and you're off! ABC also offers recaps, previews, and other exclusives that you can enjoy between episodes, too! Season 1 episode 4 should be available right after it airs live, so you won't fall behind! You can also watch any of the season's older episodes if you want to go back or catch up. 041b061a72

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