Christmas By The Book

What a GREAT

Christmas Program!

Thank you to Sis. Courtney, the volunteers, the parents and of course the youth!!



The Chosen Generation Coalition (CGC) youth ministries at JOL consist of Sunday school, the Teen Forum, Bible Masters and the CGC Mass Youth Choir. These ministries are set up to nurture and enhance the spiritual, physical, emotional and academic growth of our youth. The youth ministries coincide with many of the other ministries in the church, such as the Education Ministry. The Education Ministry and the Purpose Driven Advocacy Center work with the youth directors to create and develop curriculum that matches the needs of our youth. The College Preparation Program (through the Purpose Driven Advocacy Center) works with the PDAC to prepare our young adults for higher education. Individuals interested in working with the youth, wanting to be involved in education ministry, being a mentor and supporter of JOL young people should inquire about participation in this ministry.

For more information on the PDAC (Purpose Driven Advocacy Center) program please click here

To schedule a ride for your youth please call (402) 399-9628.

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