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Flatten The Curve Flat Earth 2022

On a trend line of total cases, a flattened curve looks how it sounds: flat. On the charts on this page, which show new cases per day, a flattened curve will show a downward trend in the number of daily new cases.

Flatten the Curve Flat Earth 2022

So, if you want a team of energized employees to help you emerge with a healthy business in the wake of COVID, consider the lessons of Plante Moran and other egalitarian organizations. To elevate your people and your business outcomes, consider flattening your culture.

Flight maps often show planes traveling in an arc, but that's because Earth is three-dimensional, and maps are two-dimensional. A straight line between two locations on a globe becomes an arc when flattened on a map.

Believe it or not, there are people that think the Earth is flat. They call themselves 'Flat Earthers'. Theories have been raised and societies have been formed where many (including celebrities) try to logically explain why the Earth simply has no curve. No brand has ever engaged with this theory, until now.

RDO Equipment Company and John Deere shook the industry by publicly declaring their mission to flatten the Earth. With their technologically advanced Earth Flatteners, they do flatten Earth, just totally differently. The campaign features tongue firmly planted in cheek videos, headlines and copy that promote the Earth flattening benefits of John Deere's construction dozers, loaders and graders across John Deere dealer RDO Equipment's local trade area.

Yes correct and the firmament is heaven within our atmosphere according to the Bible. And if you believe Jesus is our lord than you should certainly believe it is possible the earth is flat. Everything we know to be reality has been controlled, sensored, and exposed over time by rich and power humans and the war of good and evil is as real as it gets.

Exactly the true flat earth map registered by the Americas Patent Office for over 100 years which all pilots ñavy army and all sophisticated guided missiles and radar and sonar systems rely on and ONLY WOULD WORK ON FLAT EARTH .

It is also written in Every other çuluture in the world belief.United Nations Logo is the true flat earth map that is registered and patented by the American góvernméntto be true and correct for the past 100 years .which has been used to navigate the world without any correction .

One of the most important things about the flat earth movement is that it truly challenges our assumptions. We have so many more assumptions than we realize. When I first challenged by this idea, we tend to go back to those things and argue with them. Little by little, if we are honest with ourselves, it all begins to unravel. some rely on what they were taught in school growing up. Some have become physicists and can fill huge black boards with mathematical equations. (Look how well mathematical projections served us in the plandemic, and you will see how useless they are in the real world, when there are variables not accounted for.) assumptions based on assumptions are made before we did the math on how big and how large things are out in space.

Well I was in college biochemistry during the pandemic and we studied several equations that deal on how strongly and how often a drug or antibody binds to the coronavirus spike-proteins hindering the virus ability to infect human cells similar to what medical researchers were doing to come up with treatments for the illness. Furthermore, to build radiology equipment used in hospitals typically requires much physics training as the equations are useful in studying how light interacts with matter like in human tissues and dyes injected in the humans. If physics and quantum mechanics did not work none of the common technologies used these days would work. For the record the physics that goes into our technologies supports a spherical shaped planet in which a flat earth would collapse in on itself. Even other objects we have observed in the solar system that are too small in mass to collapse in on itself into a spherical shape are anything but flat such as comet churyumov-gerasimenko.

You are allowed to hold your beliefs. Though when your belief is the right to degrade by verbal insults, then your belief is wrong. We flat earthers have done our homework in both fields and made our choice. I know with all conclusion that you have not. Please keep the insults and if you choose to debate a flat earther then furst understand the argument. Understanding the arguement must be done by educational practices not verbal insultive remarks.

One study was done on the flattest known part of the world on the north american plains, where researchers placed levels across the plain as far as one could see and all the levels gave a level reading. Later, the researchers went into a hot air balloon high above the same plane and observed the curvature of this alleged flat surface. This is indicative that gravity pulls objects of mass towards the epicenter of large bodies of mass. To change your weight, you have to get to a higher or lower elevation, which would make you lighter or heavier respectively under the law of gravitation and can be confirmed experimentally as well. Now calculus is the mathematical study of rates and some ancient greek philosophers contributed to the understanding of calculus by understanding that anytime you zoom in on a curve, the curve will appear to be flat, like a tiny insect experiencing a flat environment while crawling around ones curved arm.

I think it would also be good for you to challenge and work on your assumptions about the atmosphere traveling with the globe. if, indeed, the atmosphere is traveling at the same speed as the globe, why would it make sense for the aeronautics industry and the military to assume a flat and non-rotating earth when it comes to air travel from north to south, for example. Talk about a crosswind! and yes, I am using crosswind in a very casual manner. But I hope you get my drift. Even if we do not perceive spinning east-west, something weird should happen if we are traveling north to south. pilots have to cut on the deck for a Crosswinds unrelated to the spin of the earth when they land. How could they NOT have to accommodate if the landing strip is gone from north to south? If they have to course correct to get from New York to South America? None of that is happening, And no one calculated for that even before they had computers for airplanes.

The ancient egyptians believed in a spherical earth based on mathematical measurements done by the ancient greeks. The egyptians were very religious and worshiped deities that resembled animals like cats and birds. It seems that most flat earthers who claim biblical evidence for a flat earth would only need to be born in egypt under this religion during this time to have their priests tell them and ultimately convince them that the earth is spherical to be convinced. Just blatantly going with what some priest says or what some very old book says without offering any evidence requires absolutely no critical thinking. There seems to be a positive correlation with a complete lack of critical thinking and these horridly ignorant pseudo-science concepts.

is nasa is the only space station in the world . what about other space station. i m a indian and i dont believe that my government trying to hide that earth is flat. there are thousands of scientists around the world who are gelogists , are they are lying that earth is spherical.

And your last point: it is YOU that needs to research more and stop listening to idiots on YouTube, such as Eric Dubay, Nathan Oakley, Nathan Thompson and other flat earth nutters. They all spew the same non-sensical rubbish which bears no resemblance to logic or reality.

On flat earth, Sun and Moon travel at different speeds, the Sun goes around once a day while the Moon goes around once each 28 days, meaning the sun passes the Moon by once each day, and at the farthest point from each other it should be full moon for a few hours once a day be it day or night. For the rest of world especially for those nearest to the Moon, it would be either of the four principal lunar phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon (for farthest point on Earth), and last quarter (also known as third or final quarter). But when the Moon is Full once a month, all people on Earth can see it Full from any point on the planet, and as well can see the four Lunar phases during the month, not every day as they would occur from different points on the planet every day.

When looking at both visuals above, this is not very clear. In the Information is Beautiful version, it might seem that the blue, flat curve has a somewhat smaller surface area compared to the orange version, but it is not very extreme. In the animated version, both appear to have a similar area. In some visuals, the difference is much more extreme, such as in this one by Vox:

By now, Flattening the Curve adaptations have exploded. Maybe we should start talking about flattening the curve of Flattening the Curve visuals? (Not my joke, sorry, credits go to Andy Kirk.)Ok, maybe this is getting just a tiny bit out of hand. (Source: Google Image Search)

Say that I have a mesh and a curve. Then I can shrink-wrap the curve so it follows the mesh. Is it possible to flatten the mesh in the perpendicular direction to the curve to make space for a road along the curve.

When an oblate ellipse is built (Figure 3), the radius of the curvature of the base could be fairly small. As we go up over the dome, it flattens out more and more. The radius of curvature of an oblate ellipse reaches its maximum at the very top of the dome. In other words, the flatter the dome or section of the dome, the longer the radius of curvature. (Note: the footprint is round.)

In mid nineteenth century England, public lectures provided the opportunity for people of modest means to learn about the world around beyond their communities and the world around themselves. One of the many traveling speakers, a man calling himself "Parallax" toured the lecture halls and auditoriums of England, drew crowds by expounding upon his personal experiments, which, he claimed, showed the Earth was not a globe, but a flattened disk. Parallax, a skilled debater, would begin to revive the age old idea of the flat earth. Parallax, a man actually named Samuel Birley Rowbotham, and those he inspired, would go on to write a number of books discussing the idea of the flat earth. These authors, their ideological successors and those who have written about them are represented in the books, book chapters, and book excerpts of The Flat Earth and its Advocates: A List of References. 041b061a72


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