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Bob The Builder Festival Of Fun

Developer(s): Atomic Planet EntertainmentPublisher(s): Mastertronic (EU), Blast! Entertainment Ltd (AU)Genre: ActionWikipedia: LinkGame description: Join Bob the Builder and the Team in an exciting new adventure! It's summer festival time in Sunflower Valley, with loads of music and food and fun for everyone. But before the festivities can begin there's work to be done! Can you help Bob and his friends get this party started? Created with young players in mind, this game is sure to delight any Bob the Builder fan!

Bob The Builder Festival of Fun

Its summertime in Sunflower Valley. The community project is going so well that Mr Bentley has suggested a festival to celebrate. There will be food and music and fun for everyone! Bob and the Can-do crew need to clear the area and build the stage for the event. Everyone in Bobsville is invited to come and help - even Spud! Help Bob and the gang complete a variety of challenges to make the festival a success! Enjoy a vast array of fun and diverse story-based challenges and build with up to three friends in numerous exciting multiplayer modes. Play competitively or join forces with a friend to get the job done! Make full use of the unique Wii technology to control the gameplay and use a hammer, a pick axe and a spade to break the rocks, uproot bushes and dig holes in preparation for the final show! Guide Scrambler along the road in the Get the planks stage, collect various power-ups and use the extra time, controls, ropes and unlimited jumps to help you progress through the game.

Wendy and Lofty rely on you to help them build the Dome. Flick the Wii Remote up, down, left and right and see if you can fit all the Dome parts into the right places. Help Mr Sabatini to make pizzas for the big event! Spin the dough and throw it into the air, add various ingredients to create the pizzas and see if you can win the stage by serving your culinary masterpiece to all the customers within the time limit! Use the Wii Remote to pick up rubbish, blow the leaves and mix the cement and help your favourite characters to put on a grand festival for the town.

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