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Jonathan Campbell
Jonathan Campbell

Hello To All The Children Of The World (with Lyrics)

Jesus loves the little childrenAll the children of the worldRed, brown, yellow, black and whiteThey are precious in His sightJesus loves the little children of the world

Hello to all the children of the world (with Lyrics)

Jesus died for all the childrenAll the children of the worldRed, brown, yellow, black and whiteThey are precious in His sightJesus died for all the children of the world.

Jesus loves the little childrenAll the children of the worldEvery child in every landJesus holds them in His handJesus loves the little children of the world

Patricia Shehan Campbell is the Donald E. Petersen Professor of Music at the University of Washington, where she teaches courses in American and global music cultures, ethnographic research in music, and the musical education of children and youth. A singer and pianist with studies of the Japanese koto, Celtic harp, Carnatic Indian mridangam, and Bulgarian and Wagogo (Tanzania) song, she has authored several books, including Music, Education, and Diversity: Bridging Cultures and Communities, and has edited a seven-book series on world music pedagogy.

*A wide variety of songs and artists are suggested throughout this article, and some may not be appropriate for young children. Teachers are advised to review all lyrics before selecting songs for their classrooms. (return to article)

In far too many schools, students do not have access to either music classes or extracurriculars such as band or choir. But the study of music and opportunities for musical enrichment should not be an exclusive privilege for a select few.6 While children benefit from systematic musical education by music specialist teachers who know well their instruments, ensembles, and graded repertoire,7 music can also be comfortably integrated all through the day by all teachers, for all students to enjoy deeply. The more children sing, dance, play, and listen to music, the closer they will come to living out their full musical capacity. Because music plays many roles for students, a school curriculum inclusive of music becomes more than another constituent of a liberal education. Music shapes identity and bridges cultures; the songs children sing, the pieces they play, and the dances to which they move in stylistic rhythms, positions, and formations engage them in holistic ways of understanding themselves and the world at large.8

Come Little ChildrenGeneral informationFeature filmsHocus PocusHocus Pocus 2ComposerJames HornerLyricsBrock WalshPerformersSarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker)Other performersVanessa HudgensDCappellaFollowed by"Witchcraft"VideoSource"Come Little Children", also known as "Sarah's Theme"[1] and "Garden of Magic",[2] is a song sung by Sarah Sanderson in the film Hocus Pocus to hypnotize children. It was composed by James Horner and the lyrics were written by Brock Walsh, the latter also credited for the movie's "Chants and Incantations."[1][2][3]

My name is Agnese.I am a teacher of primary school in Roma, Italia, and I really like creative...teaching.Now I'm here to learn how creative learning is, because it's the other side of my job and this team can help me for sure!After school, I'm (very) involved in CoderDojoRoma, the coding labs for children all around the world.

What made me more curious about this 'sort of model' behind my creativity and took me here was the moment that I applied for a job as teacher creative thinking. So I would like to embed my experience and creativity in more didactical skills in order to help others (children, students) to get back to the wonderful world of playful thinking.

I'm Amy Browne, a mompreneur from CA from a family full of teachers. I am very excited to hear all of the discussions related to creative learning. Graduate work in the MIT media lab would be a dream come true so I am super excited about the opportunity to be part of this MOOC. I consider myself a "kindergarten for life" sort of person so that already struck a cord for me. My background is transdisciplinary design, new media and now parenting so my passion projects have merged into a amalgam of how to best serve my kids future world with what I have to offer it. I'm quite sure growing up in the classrooms of my family made life long learning as natural as breathing. Environment greatly set my course so I think how to provide that for my kids. My attempt at revolt was to NOT be a teacher but an artist, however now as a Mom I explore the role of creative learning ad media in my children's learning everyday as well as collaborate with their teachers. I completely agree with peer to peer learning which is why my children are in schools not homeschool and why I put effort in helping their schools be updated.Both kids were in Montessori schools until they moved to charters that are whole child. I am a huge fan of Marie Montessori's philosophy and think she was way ahead of her time. I also believe strongly in collaboration as a future necessity for survival or success and open as a human responsibility. I am currently working on projects related with teams from the games industry we hope to be in the social emotional or whole child space upon launching. Would love to see talks about tolerance in collaboration, whole child learning, balancing digital with the natural world, what character means for the next generation.Thanks again for opening this course.-Amy Browne

Hello, creative community! I'm Cynthia, a senior citizen from Austin, TX, with a doctorate in developmental psychology. I develop programs and materials (algunos en espanol) to help identify and nurture creativity in young children. See and for more info.

Hi everyone,My name is Erum , I am from Pakistan, I have two lovely sons who teach me everyday about the world we all live in. I love to learn in a crazy manner, that's what landed me here. I started my learning as a group facilitator for teachers and moms of small children some 12 years ago. I got my Montessori training and played with many 3-6 years old mixed age group classrooms for many I start learning more, i realize that learning is highly individualized and experiential. I have seen kids learning in traditional desk style classrooms and have seen extremely creative learning in my Montessori classrooms and then amazingly natural learning in Nature /outdoor classrooms. As i train teachers of early childhood and others, i invite them to keep Observing kids Scientifically just as a scientist Observe and they will get the hidden formula of learning....that's highly individual experience.I am excited to be here to learn and unlearn... 041b061a72


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