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Don't expect to read a lot of reviews of Halo 2. What we do know is that Bungie has gone above and beyond in making the online experience worth it. One of the first things you'll notice is how smooth the loading and uploading of your data to the server is. Although Halo 2's multiplayer aspect is still by no means finished, it's already good enough to warrant playing. The new weapons are exciting to use, and the ability to dual-wield helps turn the multiplayer experience into a tactical one. Then there's multiplayer itself. The game feels faster, more satisfying, and more fun than the original Halo. There's something about the chaos of dueling waves of enemies that make the experience more tense than in any other Halo. In addition, there are new multiplayer game modes, such as Team Slayer, wherein teams of eight people must kill each other as quickly as possible. A new game called Arbiter has a whole lot of team-based action, with a focus on capturing control points. It's epic! But it's not everything the game could be, which is good, because Halo 2 is nothing if not ambitious.

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Based on our all-too-brief time with the online multiplayer game, we have to say Halo 2 appears to be poised on the fabled practically guaranteed not to suck path that few games find themselves on. Bungie's commitment to offering the best multiplayer experience and the time that has been devoted to making that happen, are paying off in spades in Halo 2. Improved visuals, a robust and innovative matching system, a ranking system, and polished gameplay all add up to offer an experience that will likely be the pinnacle of the first-person shooting genre on the Xbox, if not all consoles. If you consider that the game's multiplayer mode feels so right, even in its work-in-progress state, and if you consider how impressive the original game's single-player mode was, it's not too big of a stretch to say that Halo 2 will likely live up to the hype and be the game to buy this fall. Halo 2 is currently slated to ship this November for the Xbox. Look for more on the game in the coming weeks.


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