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Iatkos L2 Isol - How to Update and Optimize Mac OS X Lion After Installation

if you manage to boot into iatkos, you can start using iatkos like usual. if you do not manage to boot into iatkos, check out the next section (step 7) to find out how to make sure that all settings and drivers have been properly installed.

Iatkos L2 Isol

- to make sure that the proper drivers are installed, connect your iatkos usb drive to your mac using the usb cable provided with your iatkos usb drive. then, launch the disk utility application, and select your iatkos usb drive. click on the first partition on the usb drive, and then click on the erase button. finally, click the info button and check to make sure that the title of your iatkos drive is "iatkos" and that the volume name is "iatkos." if everything is set up properly, the installation process will take you right to the next step.

hi,i have been trying to load iatkos onto a ga-z68ma-d2h-b3 mother board with 16gb of ram and an intel core i7 cpu. my board is slightly different than the one in your instructions. i am making up the iatkos usb on a 27 inch imac running mavericks os x. i am getting through to the 'boot:' level where it says press enter to start up darwin/x86. i do that and get the following error message. 'can't find /mach_kernel. press a key to continue.. when you press any key to continue it takes me back to the boot: any ideas what i should do or what i have done wrong

so i'm trying to setup iatkos for a new hackintosh i built for my girlfriend. i had to use a different imac than the one posted on here (well, to be fair, the imac i'm using is my old one) because she doesn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to get the network drivers to work. unfortunately, the one i'm using is a 13" imac with a geforce 9600. i downloaded the 9600 drivers from nvidia's website, installed them, and rebooted. i then made sure to download a version of iatkos that only supports the x86_64 architecture, but it still doesn't work. i get an error message saying that "iatkos can't find the kernel. press any key to continue.." i'd be more than happy to provide more information or just ask some questions about what i'm doing wrong. i'm really hoping to get iatkos working on this computer before we buy a new one.thanks for your time,- g. goodrich


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